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20 mars 2008 4 20 /03 /mars /2008 00:00
"Le Theatersports est un art jubilatoire" En 2004, Matthias Engelberts dressait un tableau original du Theatersports. On peut aisément étendre ses conclusions au Match d'impro. Premier constat : le theatersports est très répandu et populaire. Taken together, these figures clearly indicate that it is safe to conclude that theatresports ‘matches' are very frequently organized. Moreover, Theatresports do not seem an ephemeral phenomenon: this kind of performance has existed since the 1970s, and the international dissemination has been noticeable since the 1980s. Deuxième constat : Le theatersports a peu été étudié malgré sa popularité, pourtant il transcende les frontières habituelles du théâtre. Despite their popularity, theatresports have not attracted any serious attention from researchers: international data-bases are still silent about the phenomenon.7 The ‘deviant' form of this improvisational theatrical contest, its improvisational nature,8 the predominantly ‘amateur' status of theatresports, and the fact that this theatrical form transgresses the bounds of the artistic domain to which theatre is usually limited,especially in economically developed societies, may be the main reasons for this neglect. Troisième constat : Il permet une interaction inédite avec le public. Les plaintes des professionnels sur la mauvaise qualité du jeu ne sont pas appropriées. Le spectacle permet une communication entre acteurs et public, une influence du public sur la performance auquel le théâtre formel ne peut prétendre. Two characteristics of this improvisatory theatre are especially interesting: the liveinteraction which is exploited in a way that reaches far beyond what interactivity in the media can achieve in the current technical conditions; and the fact that, in addition to its artistic goal, it seems to fulfil several social functions, mainly in small-scale, short-lived communities. Complaints about ‘bad' acting, which are sometimes made by professional critics who only occasionally indulge in watching theatresports, cannot be considered an appropriate, overall evaluation of this kind of theatre. En conclusion : Le theatersports n'est pas militant ni politique. Il n'est pas pessimiste. Même si la qualité de ces spectacles peut être discuté, que l'on puisse trouver ses jeux un peu facile, on peut considéérer le Theatersports comme un art jubilatoire.. Il est important de reconnaître que le theatersports est une forme de développement théâtral significative. In summary, one could say that theatresports playfully exploit the liveness of theatre, its immediacy, and retreat from the developed, individualized, mediatized and specialized society, by energetically turning to account non-mediatized and functionally unspecialised theatrical communication in short-lived and small-scale communities.


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